One Post in the Shape of a Pear

As a

newly appointed

Chamber Music teacher,

I have now, among others, a

piano duet under my wing. In my research

for repertoire, I came across a piece I had somehow

forgotten and whose title brought me straight to my first year

of university – Trois Morceaux en forme de Poire, by French composer Erik Satie.

I remember being seated at an Compositional Analysis lecture, when the Professor mentioned

this very same work. Its uncommon name excited my imagination at the time, and it was

not too long before I was drawing a pear in my notebook, imagining the staves had lost their

rigidness, embracing flexibility and twisting themselves into a pear’s shape. Or perhaps it was the notes who were the culprits of said shape?

However, the piece was nothing of the sort, though the actual explanation for the title is quite funny as well – according to legend, these seven pieces (yes, Satie was quite the humorist)

were composed in response to Debussy’s claim that his [Satie’s] music

lacked shape.


Though there is evidence showing the aforementioned is probably not true, I quite like this version myself, therefore I will not care to mention any others at the present time.

Also found out that “pear” is French slang for “fool”.


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